July 1st regs may cause shift

If colleges don’t comply with new federal regulations they would lose federal funding. This may be too much for some small colleges to risk…

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March 28th, 2011

New federal rule could have worst impact on small states

At gathering of online educators, some officials say they would support a lawsuit against Education Department to stop state authorization rule from taking effect


By Dennis Carter, Assistant Editor
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Colleges with online programs might withdraw from states, mostly in the northeast, that have small populations and stringent requirements for distance education courses when the Education Department’s (ED’s) “state authorization” regulation kicks in July 1.

Robert Mendenhall, president of Western Governors University, said during his address to the forum that certification fees vary widely from state to state, with many of the toughest approval processes in small states such as Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

If an online college doesn’t have many students in one of those small states, the high fees could mean the school would simply leave the state and no longer offer classes there.

Colleges that don’t comply with the new regulation would lose access to federal funds, without which many schools could not operate.

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