Color Continued

Another article about this photo-based social networking tool…

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Color, A Twitter For Photo And Video, Launches With $41 Million

This is key: Every photo is immediately considered public and made public, as with Twitter. There are no permissions or alerts asking if this is okay with you. It just happens. You can delete your own photos but you have to watch what you shoot because anyone near you or “bound” to you on the Color network will see what you take. (Color says it will police streams and restrict or even brick offenders.)

There are also awesome possibilities here for news APIs to deliver live shots from crises (Color plans to work with news organizations that want to draw specific location feeds) or fan-generated instant replays at sporting events, or amazing games of hide and seek. It also solves the problem of never getting that photo of yourself from the big event. Someone in the Color network may have had you in their lens and you can now see that person’s shots of you because you were there, too.

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