Distance Education for Musicians

An interesting take on DE as musicians receive and send video back and forth with their instructors for the fundamentals of their craft.It’s all tangent on broadbandy video swapping technology.

Amplify’d from www.artistworks.com

ArtistWorks Technology is designed so that the technology disappears and what is left is the traditional student/teacher learning relationship.

ArtistWorks students watch and study the video lessons at their appropriate skill level – the study is self-paced, so don’t be intimidated, jump right in.   Students interested in personalized feedback and instruction can submit webcam videos to the instructor using the simple “Video Exchange System” (patent pending) online.  The teachers review every video submitted and respond to their students either with a video or written evaluation, which is posted in the Video Exchange Center. No pre-canned responses are used and everyone gets a response directly from the instructor. Although submitting a video is not required you can watch the Video Exchanges 24/7. These exchanges between teacher and student are permanently recorded and paired on the site for the entire community of students to learn from, an approach which breaks new ground in online visual education.

Martin Taylor visits with Earl Klugh

Read more at www.artistworks.com


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