Big Government says to Course Designers

So Washington is thinking about telling higher ed what a “credit hour” is. Now this is sort of like telling Lewis Carroll what the Jabberwock is. It only makes sense in the context of the story. A credit hour of ballet looks different than a credit hour in the story of physics i suspect. Entry-level writing has a credit hour that may be a different creature for a grad student studying the Talmud. All of these measures are fictions created by faculty who may have a handle on how much a given student can learn in a given circumstance divided by 12. We all await the frabjous day when this can be legislated. Callooh! Callay!

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Educators See Federal Overreach

WASHINGTON — Higher education officials urged lawmakers Friday to delay the planned July 1 implementation of Education Department regulations that would expand state authorization requirements and establish a federal definition of “credit hour.” Republican and Democratic members of the House Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training seemed to share some of the educators’ concerns about what they characterized as federal overreach into academic affairs.

“Due to a lack of forethought, the proposed state authorization regulation from the Department of Education would create a roadblock for online education, perhaps at a time when it is needed most,” said Ebersole, who argued his point in an Inside Higher Ed essay last week. “We continue to be at a loss as to why these regulations run directly contrary to the shared stated goals of the administration and thousands of higher education institutions across the country. As written, the regulation would unfairly target and stifle the growth of online options for students.”




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