Another Documentary

Documentary on the way the Chinese have unsettled and antagonized the Dalai Lama and peoples of Tibet.

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In 1949, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army marched into the Kham region of east Tibet creating unprecedented upheaval which, in 1959, resulted in thousands of Tibetans moving into exile in India, Nepal and beyond.

Sixty years later in 2010, we look back into the reality of the history of the unsettled Tibetan Diaspora, their expectations, hopes and vision for the future.

From 13th November 2010, we will take you on a journey across India with a chosen witness of the past and present events – born in Tibet, he has been a monk, a freedom fighter, a diplomat, The Dalai Lama’s representative and a member of parliament before founding a unique charity that has successfully been working for the past 25 years both inside Tibet and in exile.



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