Blog Jumping

Ripping off the fine people at Back Reaction

So I have a few blogs I read every now and then. Reading a lot of blogs is rather like reading other people’s mail. And while I am not opposed to that, per se, it is still necessarily a procrastination technique, and I have far too many of those as is. Not the least of which is good parenting. But more on that later.

Now I know that one is not supposed to just grab all the stuff off of another blog and claim it as the results of their own mining, anymore than one should descend on poor old John Sutter and overrun his mill and take his gold. But claim jumping is tough to resist.

Look at these crazy cool links that Sabine Hossenfelder (theoretical physicist from Canada, really) and Stefan Scherer (from Frankfurt) have on their way cool blog:

This is crazy cool as it tells me artistically that which I fear to be true in my own heart every day.

From chris Jordan dot com Yowee what a great way to show what you are saying…

This is just fun as it is the low-tech way to be high tech…

Look over their Blog and you will see stuff about the Plank phase and entropy and specialization and god. What bright folks who write ever so well.

Thnks S&S,



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