Links for the APSA talk

Us Gov sites

American Memory

An important site yet will be known by most. Much primary data.

Congressional Search-CRS

Through the University of North Texas, but serves as a point to request docs from members of congress

Gov Printing Office GPO

Another source for primary data.


Links to PDF stats that all should know

U.S. Gov Search

The US gov meta search tool


The Rest

Serious archive of media. Major tool


Large archive site with primary data -Roll Call

The DC paper, Roll Call sponsors this tool for researching congress votes

Crooks and Liars-Blog

Sample of an active, partisan sponsored blog that includes streaming embed files.

GMU Center for History and New Media

The George Mason materials seem the best on line. This site takes some time to discover the many offerings. Note their “copyright explanation section,” that links to

Google Earth
an important app/site. Imporatnt because of the mix of site and application

Google Scholar

While this search tool is limited to many for-pay destinations. It is worth knowing the direction of academic search tools. Also note the full-text possibilities.

History matters-collection

Great site with tools and archive and links. Sort of a “secondary-school” flavor.

Worth noting when corporate interests get involved. Example of what’s wrong with advert sites.

Huffington Post

What is replacing the print papers. Lost of fluff as time passes.

national geographic maps

Not mapquest.

oyez Supreme Court Summaries

Political Compass-diagnostic (bias)

A biased albeit interesting tool for students to note categorization.
A political (no doubt partisan) site that is clean and easy to use.


The academic version of WordPress.

Slate V – Streaming

Slate is Newsy of course, but is an example of a streaming media mix. With great blog use.

Stanford Accessibility Program

Looked and found little on assistive technology


The entry level for research but can be shared and stored etc…

Write Source-Reference

Nice reference site.

Tech should include handhelds

“death of E mail” thoughts.

Social Networking, Blogs, Twitter.

Cut equick demos of al that new and ha not been seen.

Need hip flashy timeline app, and concept map use.


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