Below is the actual Blog entry for Digital Campus this week, which I think is affiliated with the Center for History and New Media. A rich site with actual information as opposed to summaries of other’s information. They say it is bi-weekly, but I don’t think that it is.

As Dan finally buckles under and joins in the most hyped Web 2.0 site of the moment, Twitter, Tom and Mills join him to debate the merits—and demerits—of the “microblogging” craze. Do services like Twitter merely increase the distractions and noise from the web, or might they be helpful for communication and community building in academia? In the news roundup, we cover Microsoft’s exit from book digitization and the significance of the tech layoffs at the University of Washington. Picks of the week include a podcast series from Harvard, a blog post explaining the semantic web, and a wiki for digital research tools.

Links mentioned on the podcast:
Mills on Twitter
Media Berkman
Semantic Web Patterns
Digital Research Tools (DiRT) wiki

Running time: 47:21
Download the .mp3

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  1. Hi:

    Thanks for the notice of our podcast in your blog. It is, indeed, affiliated with the Center for History and New Media (Dan, Tom, and I all work there). And as for the bi-weekly part–we try our best, but events often intrude to prevent us from maintaining that schedule. But we did manage 24 episodes in 2007, which is close to bi-weekly…We try.

  2. and for the record i was not dissing the good folks who do digital i just think that they do good work and, like george will says about baseball, “more is always better.”

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