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What if instead of sitting through some 1950’s services each Sunday adjacent to the Whitehouse where the pastor shares common platitudes on Sundays the pres. would go to some church where (as Vonnegut said he preferred in Travels with Charlie) the preacher describes hell as a place where the devil heats it up with a white hot poker.  What if instead of hearing things with which he or she agrees every Sunday someone is appointed to talk in convincing fashion and tell the president to get right or get left? I like the model of convicting sermons, especially for others. How offensive is it when the church says that god should, or would, damn a secular society? If you are a Baptist who believes in a fallen world and a select group cry for salvation and are given what they do not have coming and the rest will burn in a literal not figurative hell, well that is pretty tough “damning” language from any perspective. If you are a Calvinist its worse not better. Now you are going to hell unless you won the God lottery and he chose you and the balance are going to a literal not a figurative hell, and so on. Golly these are some damning perspectives that might make a person sit up and say, “er, uh…” Yet we have presidents who do not know about grocery-store scanners, or the fact that gas prices will be @ $4.00 a gallon this summer. On that, last week our current president was asked about soaring gas prices and he said he did not know that they were heading toward four-a-gallon. This is because they do not but their own groceries nor fill up their own tanks of course. But they do not hear real information in a hundred ways right? The insular life that a president leads is not as necessary as it is convenient. So I say that having the president hearing some fire and brimstone damnation services is a step in the right direction. To mix a metaphor: Open the doors of the cocoon and let some fresh air in.

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