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This is a thread re rewoking MBA courses.


IPad apps that are a sign of things to come

While not an Apple fanboy, this article and slide show demo nine kinds of apps that matter. All tablets will have this kind of thing, so it remains to be seen who will win the day. But this is still a bellwether.

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9 iPad Apps That Are Changing Business: 24/7 Wall St.

From 24/7 Wall St.: It was not long ago that computers revolutionized the way people do business across the world, fully changing the way that people communicate and organize their personal and professional lives. The downside to the revolution is that it was limited to the office. Even with the advent of the laptop, portable computing still required a desk and a chair. Apple’s iPad has broken down that last barrier.

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This Emotional Life

While looking for artifacts for Critical Thinking i have come across this series by PBS that is a beautiful series with Dan Gilbert about coming to terms with our emotions.

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This Emotional Life _ Facing Our Fears
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The second episode looks at emotions that are commonly regarded as obstacles to happiness – anger, fear, anxiety and despair. Why do we have these emotions and how can we best manage them?



online e-portfolio tool through google

What is an e-Portfolio?

e-Portfolios are platforms for students, teachers, alumni, and professionals to showcase their work and ideas. They are archives of learning, discovery, progress, achievement and reflection. A few uses of e-Portfolios include assessment, admissions, interactive resumes, student galleries, teacher resource sites, collaborative project portfolios, and research presentations.

Zero Punctuation reviews

I’m doing research into technical writing. Along the way i ran into this site.

The escapist, a youth oriented site, has a section called zero punctuation that is quite amusing if not mildly offensive where he does 5 min send-ups of new video game releases. If no else wants to take a look Tobin, my teen son will love it…